The Design-Build Advantage

Depending upon the size and complexity of your landscape project, the installation may involve several specialized contractor trades that could include site excavators, swimming pool installers, fence contractors, plantsmen, and various other vendors and suppliers.

H.J. Collins & Associates places your project under the direction of project managers who insure that all entities are working together in an efficient and coordinated manner.  The project managers make certain that details of the design are installed in accordance with plans, specifications and contract, while providing direct communication with the client. Continue reading

What Sustainable Landscaping Is All About

Sustainable landscapes involve three practices that have been around for a long time: soil conservation, water conservation, and planting the right plants in the right place. Added to this are new and advanced practices in construction such as permeable paving and various on-site water recharge devices, LED (light emitting diode) lighting, drip irrigation, use of local and recycled materials, and use of organic fertilizers to name a few. Continue reading

Reflections on Swimming Pool Design

As seen in North Shore Living magazine.

Water is a magnet!  People are drawn to its sparkling beauty.  When motionless, water reflects, when moving, the sound of water is soothing and energizing.  On a hot day, a swimming pool becomes a haven, an oasis providing fun and comfort for family and friends. When designed as part of a comprehensive landscape plan, a pool adds value to the property and provides many years of enjoyment.

Whether installed at the time a new house is built, or as a later addition, a swimming pool should be incorporated into overall planning so that it becomes a vital part of the landscape. A landscape design professional will prepare a creative plan for the pool and the surrounding landscape.  The design Continue reading

Landscape and Hardscape Defined

Landscape designers use the term “landscape” to describe the totality of outdoor features on a property. This includes trees and shrubs as well as driveways, walkways, structures like arbors and fences, walls, patios, and terraces. The latter constructed objects are referred to as “hardscape.”

Depending on the site, additional work may include grading and earthwork, drainage, outdoor lighting, and an automatic irrigation system.

We do it all!

Landscape Design and the Quality of Life

As seen in North Shore Living magazine

The design-build firm of Hugh J. Collins, Jr. has been creating spectacular landscapes on the North Shore for the past twenty-five years. The firm’s success is based on attention to every detail in the project from start to finish. This “hands-on” approach leads clients through a total design-build experience which includes dealing with public review boards, sub-contractors, and maintaining cost and quality control.

Most residential customers have only a vague perception of the landscape they would like to have surrounding their home. They may have seen a photo in a magazine or a neighbor’s yard they admire. Many people, however, are unfamiliar with the site planning aspects of landscape design. Site planning deals with vehicular and pedestrian circulation within the property, designation of outdoor use areas, surface drainage and grading, sun and wind orientation, views, and so on. The benefit of good site planning is to unify these important variables while creating convenience, accessibility, safety and security. Continue reading