About Us

H.J. Collins & Associates (formerly Hugh J. Collins, Jr. Landscape Designer, Inc.) is a design-build firm of landscape design professionals dedicated to creating superior landscape settings and structures. Our hands-on approach leads clients through a process that builds confidence, enthusiasm, and superior results.

Located on the North Shore of Massachusetts (Hamilton / Wenham area), H.J. Collins & Associates provides simple solutions to everyday landscape issues as well as master planning and development for large-scale properties.  We have served hundreds of clients on the North Shore of Massachusetts, the Greater Boston area and beyond.  Our team of professionals takes pride in original design, job oversight, and superb customer service focusing on accessibility to staff and direct communication with our clients.

Our Logo:  “The Tree”

When Hugh Collins first started thinking about opening his own landscape design firm in 1978, he asked his father to help develop a suitable logo.  His father, a recognized artist on the North Shore, came up with the simple idea of a tree.  After some research, he located an image of a suitable tree (this was well before the internet was in existence).  The image was of an ink drawing originally drawn by a 14th century artist by the name of Albrecht Durer.  This drawing symbolizes four important features of planting design: foliage, fruit, form, and roots.  The tree’s unique shape and vigorous roots represent stability and presence, while its fruit and foliage represent growth and anticipation.  This detailed image was immediately approved and has remained Hugh Collins’ logo ever since.

The current logo varies somewhat from the original ink drawing in that it has been digitally redrawn to provide high image quality on our web site.